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**Please let your server know about any food allergies or dietary restrictions.**


These dishes are great for sharing


Crispy Rice w. Creamy Spicy Sauce

Choice of Tuna, Salmon, or Yellowtail


Hamachi Jalapeno

Thinly sliced yellowtail served with yuzu soy chili cilantro


Seafood Ceviche

Shrimp, white fish, squid, cherry tomato, cucumber, and cilantro with ceviche sauce


Shiromi Usuzukuri

Thinly sliced white fish served with ponzu sauce


Sashimi Tuna Salad

Lightly seared tuna with mixed greens and served with onion soy dressing


Carpaccio Sashimi (Salmon or Fluke)

Thinly sliced raw fish with ginger, chive, sesame seed, and yuzu soy, finished with hot oil


Tuna Tataki

Rare-grilled tuna served with scallion, garlic, spicy darken and ponzu sauce


Sashimi Tacos (3 pcs)

Mini corn tortilla shells stuffed with choice of Tuna, Salmon, or Crab with tomato salsa on the side


Tiradito Sashimi

Thinly sliced raw fish with cilantro, black sea salt, chili paste, and yuzu lemon sauce

Scallop or Fluke




Kumamoto Oyster (3 pcs)

Fresh oyster with special sauce


Sashimi Shooter

Kumamoto oyster or sea urchin with umami dashi and quail egg (DINE IN ONLY)


Yaki Salmon Salad

Seared salmon, avocado, and mixed greens wrapped in radish, with miso dressing


Tako Sunomono

Octopus with cucumber, wakame seaweed, sesame and ponzu sauce


Toro Tartar

Chopped fatty Tuna with oshiko, avocado, scallion, wasabi soy sauce


Shima Aji Special

Jalapeno dressing with chili garlic




Boiled soybeans with seasoned with sea salt


Rock Shrimp Tempura Bites

Rock shrimp battered and lightly fried served with yuzu creamy spicy aioli sauce


Black Cod Lettuce Wraps (4 pcs)

Broiled miso black cod and crispy shallots wrapped in lettuce


Homemade Shrimp Shumai (5 pcs)

Steamed homemade shrimp dumplings


Hamachi Kama

Broiled yellowtail collar


Nasu with Miso

Broiled Japanese eggplant with saikyo miso sauce


Soft Shell Crab Amazu-Ponzu

Crispy fried soft shell crab served with red onions, cilantro, and sweet vinegar sauce


Agedashi Tofu

Fried organic tofu with bonito flakes and tempura sauce


Tatsuta Age

Fried marinated chicken thigh


Mushroom Salad

Sautéed seasonal mushrooms with yuzu dressing


Shishito Peppers

Japanese peppers with sea salt or miso sauce


Pork Gyoza (5 pcs)

Pan fried pork dumplings


Vegetable Gyoza (5 pcs)

Pan fried vegetable dumplings


Miso Black Cod

Broiled Alaskan black cod marinated in miso sauce


Wagyu Beef Tataki (2 oz)

Rare-grilled Japanese Kobe beef served with ponzu sauce


Lobster Salad

Fresh lobster, mushroom and mixed greens with spicy lemon dressing


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